Do the Mixie Mixie, And Turn It All About

Mix it up for youth…be an alchemist!

It’s time to discover the magic of alchemy. The reasons to mix are endless…getting to know your skin’s needs and wants, trying out new products/samples, and using up product vestiges. It’s creative, essential (well, we think so) and lets you adapt your skin and hair care to any environment! How does it work? Take a good look at your skin and hair care products; get them all out. Next, assess your skin and hair, asking yourself what products are your favourites, but perhaps could use a bit more something. Start with a few drops of serum or gel (or both) in the palm of your hand with an SPF and a facial moisturizer or tint. Stir with fingers to mix and warm, then apply slowly and gently to face, avoiding the delicate eye area for a day look. Note: only use dedicated eye products around the eyes. Notice how the mixture soaks in, maybe add a couple drops of facial oil if your skin is particularly dry. Massage in slowly and gently to stimulate both skin and lymph; pause, pat, push and palpate the products into skin and hair; include neck and décolletage, always!

For hair too? Yes! Try a detangling conditioner with a dollop of hair mask and apply to the ends of your hair, or add a few drops of Fudge’s Paintbox Creative Conditioner Hair Color into your regular conditioner for a new slant on color, or combine a few drops of clarifying shampoo to your moisturizing shampoo and get the best of both worlds. If your conditioner is a bit too heavy, add a small handful of Epsom salt to it and mix; apply conditioner as normal. Even try mixing a few drops of your favorite essential oil, body oil, or coconut oil into your regular body moisturiser (or all three). The sky is the limit, and you will instinctively know your skin and hair needs with a bit of exploring.

A little of of Ultrasun Glimmer goes a long way towards youth!
A little of of Ultrasun Glimmer goes a long way towards youth!

Our current favourite is SBC Collagen Gel with a big pump of Ultrasun Professional Glimmer SPF 20 for day, or with a dropper of Balance Me Radiance Face Oil (or coconut oil) for night, with a drop of whatever serum we have lying around!

Save time, and money (now you can use up all those samples), get your creativity flowing, and get skin and hair glowing! A little bit of alchemy does a body good.


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