A good facial is like molten gold, refreshing, relaxing, invigorating, and energising. And a good facialist (yes, it’s a real word) is best found one way, and that’s word of mouth. The next time you see glowing skin on someone, ask who their secret is… they’ll be flattered. That’s how I found Angela, and literally everyone needs an Angela. Put yourself in her capable hands, with all her life’s purpose know-how, and emerge with glowing, rested skin, looking years younger. Little surprises await…a hot rock on your tummy or in your hand, warmed socks when it’s cold outside, an impromptu foot massage with handmade, delicious-smelling oils; it’s all de rigueur, and a truly amazing experience.

A good facialist is a gift!
A good facialist is a gift!

Firstly, skin is assessed after a warm welcome, a hug and a chat in a soothingly decorated, warmed room. Then Angela starts working her magic using every trick in her expansive repertoire to help you (and your skin) look younger and younger. And it works, every single time!

Afterward, a gentle wakening with a hot cup of mint tea just feels divine, and never rushed or businesslike. You can even request a take-away…a facial/body oil tailored to your skin’s needs so you can recount the experience in your own home.

I truly believe her talent is God-given and enhanced by being knowledgeable, purposeful, and having hugely high standards. She is absolutely devoted to her craft, and never fails to deliver enthusiastic skin care.

So you see, everyone needs an Angela (angel, I call her) and word of mouth is a good way to find one. That kind of dedication can be spotted by smooth, glowing skin a mile away, and all you have to do then is ask, “Who is your secret?”

Attending every 3-4 weeks optimises you and your skin! It’s like a religion…

n.b. Following a skin care regime recommended by your facialist or using your own favourite products will preserve your youthful glow. It’s all very highly recommended.

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