Glow, Glow, Glow Your Boat

Reclaiming a youthful glow for summer is what we all want. To reclaim that youthful glow, buy the best exfoliating mitt, sponge or cloth you can find, and gently scrub away in the bath or shower with a natural soap, like Dr. Bronner’s (

Dr Bronner's all natural soap
Dr Bronner’s all natural soap

Or, if you prefer, buy or make a good quality body polisher, salt scrub or sugar scrub. Using circular motions, exfoliate away to remove dead surface skin, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, and smooth out cellulite, to glow, glow, glow your boat. After that, you just need to add summer! You will adore the results.

Exfoliate regularly to recapture and maintain fresh glowing all over skin – feet and hands both love this!!! And don’t forget knees, ankles, elbows and armpits too. Always apply body oil or body lotion after exfoliating, and just before going out the door.

The real benefits from regular exfoliation go even further than a youthful glow: 


A natural exfoliating mitt from The Body Shop
A natural exfoliating mitt from The Body Shop

Improves the texture of dull skin, making it look more vibrant and youthful
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles anywhere on the body
Sloughs off all the dead skin cells your body has shed, unclogging pores
Keeps skin clear and healthy, thus helping to prevent break-outs
Speeds up the skin renewal process, resulting in younger looking skin
Promotes a more even skin tone
The exfoliation process improves all over blood circulation, benefitting your entire self
Helps retain your tan when exfoliating before applying sunscreen
Helps get the most of your moisturiser, allowing it to penetrate and do its job in the deeper layers of the skin resulting in better moisture retention and smoother skin

DIY body scrub
DIY body scrub

Butter Lime All Over Body Scrub

1 freshly squeezed lime
1 cup Epsom salts
1/2 cup Jojoba oil
3 drops Tea Tree oil
Crush salts in a mortar and pestle before mixing with remaining ingredients. Apply all over your body for an antiseptic and antibacterial scrub that can even help to reduce foot odor!

From The Beauty Bean


Do not use body exfoliation methods on face or broken skin.


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