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At the recent Olympia Beauty in London last month, Geraldine McColgan dip NT CNM, represented the College of Naturopathic Medicine with her seminar Natural Choices for Anti-Ageing. RosyCheeked was there to get the lowdown on staying au naturel forever! In a nutshell (ha, ha!)…

What you eat today, you wear tomorrow in skin health, in that 80% of ageing happens internally (what you eat), 20% happens externally (what you put on your skin). She suggests the following dietary guidelines to slow down the ageing process and stay younger, longer.

  • Eat protein with every meal and not just meats, i.e., spirulina, quinoa, brown rice and beans, etc.
  • Avoid sugar
  • Consume whole grains instead of refined products, with seeds wherever possible
  • Choose lots of fibre rich vegetables in a variety of colours
  • Include cinnamon in your daily intake, i.e., 1/2 tsp per day on porridge every morning

These dietary guidelines reduce free radical damage internally, which drastically reduces the chances of wrinkles appearing over time. Reducing inflammation internally (even low grade inflammation) will keep you young and free from degenerative diseases and is, in fact, key for overall health. More tips to keep low grade inflammation at bay…

  • Eat organic
  • Add turmeric to your diet – a pinch every day
  • Eat ginger wherever you can; pour hot water over grated ginger for a daily tea treat
  • Add lots of leafy green vegetables to meals
  • Add some fermented foods to your meals – kimchi, sauerkraut, etc

Omega 3 fatty acids reduce ageing as well, so make sure you eat cold water fish 3 times per week, along with chia, hemp, and walnuts!

To naturally correct dry skin, eat more of the following:

  • Coconut
  • Nuts/seeds for snacking
  • Hemp oil, flax seed oil
  • Avocados
  • Green leafy vegetables

Up your intake of these younger foods and vitamins…

  • Vitamin A for extremely dry skin – orange foods
  • Eat more silica – peppers, cucumbers, apples
  • Sulphur – eggs, onions, garlic, leeks
  • Zinc – pumpkin seeds, ginger
  • Vitamin C is a skin vitamin, so make sure you get plenty!
  • Use Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt to add minerals to your diet

And even more general anti-ageing advice…

  • Start your day with a green juice
  • Increase raw foods and sprouted foods in your diet
  • Increase your intake of yellow/orange foods
  • Get a goodly amount of Vitamin C foods
  • Fasting (missing a meal) occasionally is anti-ageing!
  • 5 cups of matcha green tea daily is hugely beneficial to the body
  • Decrease stress levels immediately!
  • Exercising regularly is vital to looking and feeling younger
  • Stay hydrated by consuming 8 glasses of water per day, along with hydrating foods such as cucumber, watermelon and celery

And lastly, be careful what you put on your skin…natural is always better, i.e, avocado honey facial mask, Greek yogurt for exfoliation, olive oil for a cleanser/moisturiser, and generally organic or homemade cosmetic products for a younger, healthier you!

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