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Sarah at ZenSerenity

The favourite part of our month is having a professional beauty treatment. It’s a boost for skin, mind, body and spirit; a real haven in a busy world. It’s our excuse to unplug, unwind, close eyes, and be meditative. It puts a bounce in our step, a sparkle in our eye, gives a glow to our skin, and our brain a well-deserved rest. We put ourselves in the hands of the lovely Sarah at ZenSerenity, Elemis-affiliated beauty treatment rooms (the no.1 luxury British skincare brand).  Elemis is a forward-thinking brand that keeps anti-ageing and youthcentric at the forefront of their treatments and products. They believe in the power of collagen (we do too). Our go-to treatments?

Elemis Biotec machine

The Biotec Line Eraser targets wrinkles and energises the skin towards optimum performance with microcurrent pulses and red and blue light therapy. A powerfully rejuvenating clinically proven facial treatment that effectively irons out wrinkles and fills out lines. It’s 90 minutes of pure treatment bliss. The décolletage and head massage at the end of the treatment will having you booking your next appointment post-haste.

Relaxation room

The Elemis Full Body Massage might be low-tech but is ultimately effective at putting you all back together, targeting tight muscles and body skin health. You will be moisturised, relaxed and zen by the end. With every nook and cranny massaged and lymphatic system stimulated, your body will naturally eliminate toxins, so drink plenty of water afterwards. You’ll feel the difference, trust us.

And if you really want to glam it up, opt for Brow and Eyelash Tinting. Sarah is expert at choosing just the right colour for brows and lashes and the tinting lasts for ages. You will wake up every day looking that much younger.

ZenSerenity Beauty

With over 20 years of beauty experience, Sarah was a finalist at the Professional Beauty Awards, Facial Therapist of the Year 2000, so you are in professional hands. Her previous salon was also a finalist, Salon of the Year 2010 (5 rooms and under category).  In her current treatment rooms, Sarah has created a more intimate beauty experience as she adores client contact. In winter months, a warmed bed awaits you. In summer, a cold glass of filtered water refreshes. Feeling and looking younger really is that easy at ZenSerenity, within easy reach of Haywards Heath Rail Station.

Book yourself a treat(ment) now. You’re so worth it.

n.b. This website is not affiliated in any way with ZenSerenity or Elemis.


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