I have long thought that anti-ageing, or looking and feeling younger, should be easy, inexpensive and fun, not just a pleasure of the wealthy elite who can afford a plethora of spa treatments, laser therapies, Botox, peels, and complicated facial regimes and creams. I want to provide all of us with simple tips and routines to give us back our youthful selves.

For today’s busy woman, we peruse, test, sample, poke and prod until we find ‘looking younger’ solutions that work for you. We try any lifestyle technique, cream, recipe, exercise or old wive’s tale to find effective anti-ageing solutions to reclaim yourself, your svelte and your va va voom.

On-the-ground, practical, effective, mostly inexpensive (even sometimes quite basic!) techniques simply explained. We know you don’t have time for the fluff, or the science behind it, you just want what works.

And that’s what we give you, looking (and feeling) younger laid bare…


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