Hot It Up

The delights of hot water
The delights of hot water

Using this ancient Chinese/Japanese/Ayurvedic remedy eases digestion, flattens the tummy and keeps skin cells hydrated (plumped up) at the same time. Just take tiny sips of hot water (as hot as you can comfortably drink) frequently throughout the day (and by frequently we mean four to six mugs-ful). It cleanses the stomach and flushes out toxins too. It’s even been reported to cure heartburn…

n.b. If you can’t face plain hot water, add a spoonful of raw honey, grated ginger, fresh lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit, or a few mint leaves and sip sip away. Or just drink plain ol’ herbal teas…the benefits abound!

The benefits, you ask?

– Reduces food cravings in between meals

– Cleanses the stomach, entire digestive system, and lymphatic system, flushing out toxins along the way

– Naturally helps cut down on teas and coffees

– Relieves acute indigestion, vomiting and abdominal cramping

– Improves blood circulation

– More hydrating than cool or cold water, hot water allows deeper penetration and hydration into the cells

– Helps prevent constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome

– Warm and soothing to the body, especially in times of illness

– Creates a glowing, healthy complexion

– Keeps energy levels up throughout the day

– Keeps mindless noshing at bay!!

Reclaim the svelte-ness of your youth.

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