Iron It Out

Apparently a full twenty percent of women around the globe are deficient in this weird and wonderful substance. A deficiency often results in chronic tiredness, limb weakness, stomach pains, palpitations, headaches, sore tongue, itchiness, difficulty swallowing or any combination thereof. Get your blood tested regularly to ensure your levels are sufficient.
Iron rich food choices are red meat (preferably organic, grass fed), livers, mussels and most seafoods, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, most wholegrains, sesame seeds, lemon grass, baked potatoes, olives. See for more iron rich food choices.
To top up your levels, SpaTone is an iron rich water supplement that you can add to a glass of orange juice (Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron). It comes in handy sachets that makes it incredibly easy to add to your daily routine.
Iron it out, you’ll feel fabulous.

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