Make It Your Own

This recipe for precious nighttime lip and eye oil is from the book, ‘Anti-Ageing Secrets’ by Mahayana Isabelle Dugast.

Create your own precious nighttime lip and eye oil
Create your own precious nighttime lip and eye oil

I use it religiously whenever I am not trying anything else out for my followers. It’s creamily divine, even though it’s an oil. There is no scent to this recipe as no essential oils should be used around the eyes, according to Dugast.

I make mine in a beautiful green glass bottle (any dark coloured glass bottle will do) with a roller ball so it glides onto circular eye bones and lip line quickly and easily. Pat the oil in gently on the eye bone around the eye with your ring finger clockwise for the right eye, anti-clockwise for the left eye, and all around the lip line. By morning, you will look refreshed and all fine lines around eyes and lips are greatly diminished!

Fill half a 100ml bottle with sweet almond oil, then add:

15% of borage oil, 15% of avocado oil and 15% of Evening Primrose oil, and shake vigorously! Apply every night…it’s practically a religion!

It will keep for 6 months (out of sunlight).

Make it your own for youth!


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