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Massage your tummy for health!
Massage your tummy for health!

Gently massaging your abdomen daily covers a multitude of sins, aiding digestion, boosting concentration, enhancing the calmness within, trimming the waistline and (all importantly) combating the symptoms of ageing. Rub your tub (tummy) using any technique that feels right to you, or read more about it in “Gut Instinct What Your Stomach is Trying to Tell You” by Pierre Pallardy.

See below for a detailed how-to using several different methods. Use any (or all) of these methods for 1-2 minutes, morning and evening (but not just after eating). This will result in a flatter, trimmer stomach and improved digestion, resulting in better nutrient absorption, which is most definitely anti-ageing!

Who knew a bit of rub a tub-tub could go so far?

These are the four different abdominal massage techniques we use. The first one is the pancake massage. Using flat hands, making as much contact as possible with your tummy, gently move your hands in circular motions in opposite directions, starting with hands together just under the ribcage moving downwards, then up the sides of the tummy. Looking down at your tummy, your right hand is going clockwise, the left hand counter-clockwise. This is magic!

The second technique is a deep tissue massage using tiny circular motions, targeting any areas of tightness. I use the fingertips only for this type of massage as gently as I can.

The third technique is a pinch and roll; just grab a little bit of tummy fat between thumb and forefinger, and pinch and roll (gently). Any area you find particularly painful is good to work on.

The fourth method of tummy massage is to use flat hands in a big clockwise circular motion, up the right side, down the left. You can also add your favourite massage oil to any of these massage techniques. It is all happy healing!

This website if not intended to diagnose or treat any health concerns. If you have questions about your own health, please contact your doctor.

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