The Glow Getter

Get your glow on with simple Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), the most natural antioxidant of all, essential for all tissue growth and repair in the body.  Think of it heading off free radicals to leave skin wrinkle-free and unblemished. So it only makes sense to use it in a skin cream, cleanser, or gel, or take it as a supplement or, preferably, both!!

Vitamin C is essential for healthy gums, skin repair and collagen production, besides soaking up the free radicals that try to attack your skin cells. These repairs result in smoother, younger looking skin. The actual list of benefits from vitamin C consumption is staggering and too long to list here.

In fact, a study in the Journal of Epidemiology (May, 1992) was reported to show that people who have high blood levels of vitamin C live 6 years longer than those who have lower blood levels. That’s some impressive anti-ageing!

According to Dr. Nicolas Perricone, a world renowned expert on anti-ageing skin care, Vitamin C, in the proper form, can restore a smooth surface and a youthful glow to ageing skin. That’s a fairly powerful statement!  The form he promotes is Vitamin C ester which is, in simple terms, L-ascorbic acid joined with a fatty acid derived from palm oil. This form is the perfect skin treatment as it can be properly absorbed into the skin and deep into the skin cells, being fat soluble. You can look for Vitamin C ester in tablet form, and also in facial creams and cleansers.

Make your own gel (, or buy a gel or cream…

Vitamin C Ester cream by Dr Nicholas Perricone


Vitamin C gel
Vitamin C gel







Like we said, go get your glow… you will most definitely notice a difference.

n.b.  A healthy daily intake is 100 mg for adults, the current Recommended Daily Allowance is 60 mg daily, but it is widely considered safe to take up to 1000 mg per day especially during times of stress or illness.

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