Up Your Sunny Game

To cheer ourselves up this dreary January, we decided to up our sunny game. Looking forward to spring and summer, and at the very least some winter sun, we found some cool sunnies to protect our peepers. Proper UV protection for your eyes will keep them youthful in every way, so wear sunglasses every day, but especially when it’s sunny. British standards for sunglass UV protection will be on the label of any sunnies you buy. Look for the CE mark and British standard, UV400 label, and a 100% UV protection statement.

Choose any lens colour

This type of protection will ward off eye wrinkles, damage to the whites of the eyes, and provide complete UV protection to the backs of the eyes too. For maximum cover, choose glasses that cover the sides of the eyes, or ‘wrap around’. Bigger is better protection. The lens colour doesn’t matter. Polarised lenses only cut glare, not UV.

Cebe protective sunglasses

We found a pair of Cebe sunglasses, with great all around protection and a reasonable price tag. Cebe is the oldest sports eyewear brand and proud of their 125 year heritage, noted for their optically correct lenses and durable frames. A fabulously trustworthy brand for all weather and all sports eye protection, besides looking cool.

Two more brands worthy of our complete adoration are Ray-Ban and Gucci, both iconic and classic. Up your sunny game,  stay youthful and utterly cool. Send us a photo of your favourite sunnies!

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